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Valve's six tips on optimising your game for Steam Deck

Alden Kroll and Erik Peterson share tips for developers looking to make their titles compatible with the handheld gaming PC

By James Batchelor

The ultimate guide to pitching your game

Advice from all around the industry about how to pitch your game

By Marie Dealessandri

Don't do that: What to avoid when soft launching a game

AppQuantum's Sergey Ryabtsev and Alina Zlotnik reflect on the mistakes made on a cancelled project and share advice on soft launching in the mobile free-to-play space

By Sergey Ryabtsev & Alina Zlotnik

Pitching to work on a well-known IP

CEO Aj Grand-Scrutton talks through the process that gave Dlala Studios access to established characters like Mickey Mouse and Battletoads

By James Batchelor

A guide to localisation in live-ops games

Fundamentally Games' Heather Pan explains the steps to adapting a live-ops game for a global audience

By Heather Pan

How to make a video game

How to make money from video games

Level up your career and workplace